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Jessie, 19, Ohio.

Anonymous: Hi! Sorry for bothering, but I saw you post something about sending a gift to someone overseas. My girlfriend recently moved to the UK, and I want to send her something for our two year anniversary. I was wondering how much it costs to send something out of the US? 

You aren’t a bother aw! Well I sent him something heavy (a 12 pack of soda) so it was 85 dollars to ship. So if you’re worried about the price, send her something like jewelry or anything lightweight and it shouldn’t cost nearly as much. If you go to the post office they can weigh it for you and tell you how much it will cost before you send it:) good luck aww I’m sure she’ll appreciate whatever you send her just because it’s from you:)


OH MY GOD  it’s better than the other version

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"If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre."
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Anonymous: Are you a lesbian? 

Nope, I’m not into girls at all.

A guy I went to high school with was walking home last night, and he was hit by a car and killed. This is the second person I went to school with who has died in a car accident, and it’s so heartbreaking. It really hits hard seeing his sister’s posts about how much she’s going to miss him because it reminds you that you can lose someone you love any second without warning. Keep your friends and family close and remind them how much you love them.
Rest in peace Kyle.

"I will be your
7 AM sleepy kisses
8 AM French toast
9 AM rushed goodbyes
10 AM love calls
11 AM daydreams
12 PM lunch notes
1 PM new email
2 PM coffee break texts
3 PM reminiscent thoughts
4 PM longing
5 PM drained love
6 PM post-work hugs
7 PM dinner companion
8 PM wine bottle
9 PM tango
10 PM readying for bed
11 PM bedtime stories
12 PM Midnight Sonata
1 AM confessions
2 AM heavy snores
3 AM morning sex
4 AM driftless sleep
5 AM frenzied fantasies
6 AM rapturous sleep
I will be your
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I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted

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