I’ll never be able to fully forgive myself for staying with (t) for so long. I know it was his fault, but by staying I put myself through hell. I blame myself.
He made me think everything was my fault, and sometimes I wonder if that’s why I still can’t move forward. I still blame myself for what he did to me.
I’m happy I chose to leave, and now I have someone who actually loves me, but wow I don’t know how I’ll ever heal from that.

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Typewriter Poetry #773 by James Andrew Crosby

It’s a bit uncomfortable when someone remembers you because your ex pushed you down the stairs at a party and then smeared ice cream in your hair. Ugh. And then I proceeded to deal with him for the rest of the night, and he ended up locking me in a room.
Lovely to know that’s how people remember me.

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I am so sad and I need tons of kisses and cuddles under my favourite covers please.

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