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Okay guys, this is my brother Nick. He’s been very athletic his entire life. He went to a baseball camp when he was little and another kid accidentally hit him in the head with a metal baseball bat. His skull got crushed into his brain, and it was not even a centimeter away from hot temple. We could have lost him. From that; he now permanently has 3 metal plates and 16 screws in his head.
Over the years he has broken his leg, arms, and his back. This caused him to fall behind in sports because he didn’t have any practice when he was out for so many seasons. But this is Nick we’re talking about; nothing stops him when it comes to doing what he loves. He somehow managed to be chosen as the varsity starting quarterback as a junior, and is on a competitive traveling baseball team, and is the best pitcher they’ve got. He has been getting letters from colleges and being watched since he was a freshman.
Tonight at his baseball game, he was playing outfield, and slid to catch a ball. He couldn’t stop himself in time and slid directly into a brick wall. We’re still waiting for the results because he’s seeing a specialist tomorrow morning, but as of right now he can’t move his neck at all. Because he already has plates in his head, if his head is hurt, this could make matters much worse.

Please guys. I am begging you; please keep my brother in your thoughts/prayers. I love him so much, and I just want him to be okay. Not only that, but I don’t want him to miss out a great opportunity to accept the scholarship to his dream school. He’s worked for this his entire life, and hasn’t let anything hold him back from doing what he’s best at. I really hope he can pull through this. Even if you aren’t religious; I would appreciate it so much if you could reblog this. Maybe someone who is will see it. You can even inbox people telling them to keep him in their thoughts if you think it will look “stupid” on your blog. I don’t care. Anything that will help my brother. Please.

Posted July 21, 2013 at 07:41pm
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